New music release this Spring 2022 – ALAN’s Fantasy, comprising 16 new songs and an orchestrated theme ALAN song “La Fantaisie d’ALAN

Alan's Fantasy

ALAN’s Fantasy

A fantasy of companionship between human and inanimate, conceptualized by Susan Lim and Christina Teenz Tan, both MDs, driven by the challenges facing us in society today, longevity and loneliness on the one hand, and the disruptive new technologies enabling artificial life on the other.

Four composers Joi Barua, Ron J Danziger, Matthieu Eymard and Manu Martin join Susan Lim and Christina Teenz Tan, co-lyricists, to create the 17 tracks for ALAN’s Fantasy. Together, these songs share the journey of a soul from an animate to an inanimate, where it is embedded in a cotton body suit, and ultimately becomes entangled within the inanimate’s human companion.

Joi Barua starts with the Inanimate ALAN’s joyful theme, the ALAN Song, as it recounts its existence in the wild, Jungle Song, then the journey of its soul from wild to captive Origins.

Ron J Danziger begins a playful chapter for the captive soul as an Inanimate, its new Life On The Shelf , then heads Off to College with its human companion. This partnership is serenaded in Companion Friend by Matthieu Eymard, which endures the rest of time in Ron J Danziger’s Timeless.

The woes of the Inanimate as it laments its wear and tear, is affectionately realised by its human companion in Ode to ALAN, a dedication from human to inanimate. The inanimate steps up to the challenge of the new sciences, in Synthetic DNA, enabling Synthetic Me , and equipped with artificial intelligence for a New World Order by Joi Barua.

Two contrasting personalities, an Evil Professor who attempts to thwart the efforts of a brilliant Boy Scientist working in Quantum Physics, is imagined by Ron J Danziger.

The Inanimate takes one last look back at its past, in the Tribal Bushman Song by Matthieu Eymard, before leaping forward for an eternal existence with its human companion in Teleportation by Joi Barua.

Ron J Danziger relates these challenges to human life in Fantasise, while composer Manu Martin creates the grand finale of ALAN’s Fantasy with an orchestration of the ALAN Song, La Fantaisie d’ALAN.