New music release this Spring 2022 – ALAN’s Fantasy, comprising 16 new songs and an orchestrated theme ALAN song “La Fantaisie d’ALAN

ALAN’s Fantasy A fantasy of companionship between human and inanimate, conceptualized by Susan Lim and Christina Teenz Tan, both MDs, driven by the challenges facing... Read more »

Enter the musical world of the new film ‘Evil Professor’

The Montreal Independent Film Festival has something for everyone. Cinephiles of all stripes can gather to watch some of the most impressive indie films in... Read more »

Boy Scientist mentioned in NY Times

Boy Scientist, multi-filmfestival award winner, scores a mention in the New York Times 3 June 2021 -  “5 Things to do this Weekend - Cinema... Read more »

Signum Records releases The Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano & Orchestra, Tedd Joselson, LSO, Arthur Fagen.

The Lim ‘Fantasy of Companionship’ for piano and orchestra created by dr Susan Lim and dr Christina Teenz tan composed and produced by Manu Martin... Read more »